Global Supporters Rally With Age Reversal Unity To Find a Cure for Aging: FDA Must Change Definition of Aging to a Disease

Age Reversal Unity is set to become a voice for change as supporters appeal to the FDA to change the definition of aging to a disease.

Shouts of “We Don’t Want To Die!” and “FDA, Aging Is A Disease!” could be heard across the city, as individuals joined Age Reversal Unity in the fight to cure aging. Holding up signs of demonstration, and raising their voices in unison, three young women came together to plead for a change that is long overdue.

These faces are the faces that represent all of humanity, and these young women don’t want to die. They want to live a long and healthy life, spending more time with the ones they love, and making a difference in the world around them. They deserve freedom from the suffering of aging, just like everyone else in the world.

The FDA currently defines aging as a natural process, and not as a disease. Until the FDA changes the classification of aging to a disease, there will never be a cure, vaccine, or age reversal drug to extend the lives of the human race.

Age Reversal Unity believes that all lives around the world deserve to be saved from the disease of aging, with a cure or vaccine that offers life extension and super longevity. The organization is launching campaigns and educational programs across the country to generate public awareness for the mission ahead, and will meet with important public officials to lobby for the cause. Through impactful programs, fundraising, and public policy work, Age Reversal Unity will continue to advocate for the FDA to change the definition of aging to a disease.

Age Reversal Unity and its global supporters are determined to have an impact on the next generations, giving them the opportunity to live a longer and happier life free from the suffering of aging.

About Age Reversal Unity

Established in 2024, Age Reversal Unity is a revolutionary organization created to do age reversal, cure aging, and to help the FDA change the definition of aging to a disease. Through public awareness, fundraising, peaceful demonstrations, educational opportunities, and partnerships with like-minded individuals and researchers, Age Reversal Unity brings communities together as a collective voice in support of the universal human right to experience super longevity in our lifetime.


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